ADVANCE Liveness detection in Mexico: A powerful anti-fraud technology
23 March 2021
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Written by Chunyan Shao, AI-Product Manager

What is ADVANCE Liveness Detection?

With the development of artificial intelligence, a booming global economy, and ever-increasing security requirements, facial recognition technology has been developing rapidly and is ubiquitous in our daily lives, from digital payment and financial services to the education, healthcare, security and transportation industries. Scanning your face for service has becomes a new normal and has brought a lot of intelligence and convenience to our lives.

Face recognition, also known as "portrait recognition" or "facial recognition", is a biometric technology used to recognise identity based on a person’s facial features. It usually uses a camera or a webcam to capture face images and video streams or detects the human face image automatically from a recorded photo or video.


ADVANCE Liveness Detection can be used to detect the authenticity of a user’s identity by capturing the user's dynamic image in real-time and recognising whether he/she is following pre-given instructions to make a certain facial expression. It can prevent identity fraud effectively, significantly improve the credibility of remote online transactions, and fundamentally eliminate fraud committed by using altered photos, pre-recorded videos, or masks. Simultaneously, the smooth and efficient process of liveness detection gives users a pleasant and safe experience.



How does ADVANCE Liveness Detection work?

ADVANCE Liveness Detection has optimised product features for Mexican users and continued to adapt the user experience to the circumstances in order to ensure the accuracy of authentication and the reliability of the whole recognition process. It can be highly customised to meet the different requirements of various industries in Mexico.


ADVANCE Liveness Detection is very user-friendly. Users only need to complete a few steps to finish the whole process of identity verification:

  • Step 1:

    SDK performs authentication, including size detection, mask detection, side face detection and multiple face detection while the user is following the given instructions to make certain facial expressions.

  • Step 2:

    Capture high-quality face images.

  • Step 3:

    Detect whether a fraud pattern is exists or not.

  • Step 4:

    Return results to the user (liveness detection succeeded / failed).

  • Tips:

    The photo captured by ADVANCE Liveness Detection can also be used for various other ADVANCE.AI facial-based verification services such as Face Comparison, Face Search and Risky Faces.

ADVANCE Liveness Detectionthe workflow of ADVANCE Liveness Detection


Advantage highlights

ADVANCE Liveness Detection is a flagship product that was developed independently by ADVANCE.AI. The model of ADVANCE Liveness Detection has been tested and trained by more than ten millions portraits of Mexicans, and achieves a market-leading facial-recognition experience ( 99+% accuracy rate).

The advantages of ADVANCE Liveness Detection include:

  • High-standard design:

    The SDK size is only 3.5 MB (for dynamic image detection) / 2.5 MB (for static image detection) it will not increase the size of the associated mobile app's installation package.

  • Multi-device, multi-lingual support:
    • Multi-device support: Android, iOS.

    • Multi-lingual support: Spanish, Chinese, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Hindi, Thai, Malay.

    • Multi-form support: Support for recognising both dynamic and static images.

  • Flexible customisation:

    Adapt to various settings (indoor/outdoor), support standard cameras, and run smoothly on low-end mobile devices without reducing the accuracy of dynamic detection and portrait recognition. The process of liveness detection, which does not have complex interactive operations, can be completed in just a few seconds, while maintaining efficiency and utmost privacy.

Use scenarios

Liveness detection technology is being combined with applications in various industries and has revolutionised the digital payment and logistics industries. From identity verification to offline payment, face-scanning has come from identity verification, and our faces have become the next-generation digital passport.

Here listed some typical usage scenarios that may interest you:

  • Facial recognition:

    Verify the user's identity by detecting facial features in real-time.

  • Remote customer onboarding:

    Automate the whole process of user registration, activation and identity verification to achieve a secure process and prevent fraud.

  • Biometric login:

    Discard the traditional password login method. Users log in to devices and accounts with their fingerprints, faces, or other exclusive identifiers.

  • Online transaction:

    Innovate traditional online transaction security methods (such as using a secret key). Users can more conveniently conduct online transactions by using biometric identifiers such as fingerprints and face photos.

Experiencing ADVANCE Liveness Detection

ADVANCE Liveness Detection (Mexico version) has earned a strong reputation with its excellent quality and user experience since it was launched. If you would like to learn more about our products, please contact

Or, you would like to register for a FREE trial here.


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