Papitupi Syariah & ADVANCE.AI: Easier, more secure onboarding
20 June 2022
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"With ADVANCE.AI, the duration of our onboarding process is now halved; it used to take about 10 minutes. Plus, with the ID optical character recognition (OCR) features, manual error is effectively reduced," said Adam Harefah, Product Manager, Papitupi Syariah.


Papitupi Syariah is licensed by Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan or OJK), and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemominfo) and Dewan Syariah Nasional - Majelis Ulama Indonesia (DSN-MUI). It is one of the fastest growing peer-to-peer lending syariah fintechs in Indonesia.


ADVANCE.AI's partnership with Papitupi Syariah


The partnership between ADVANCE.AI and Papitupi Syariah began in August 2020, in line with Indonesia's rapid digital transformation.


Indonesia is the world's fourth-largest smartphone market after China, India, and the United States and is expected to reach more than 238 million users by 2026, according to However, in 2019, although consumers were used to using their smartphones to shop and connect with friends and family on social media, they were only beginning to access banking and financial services on their mobiles.


Papitupi Syariah is committed to offering the best financial solutions to Indonesia’s fast-growing businesses


As a company that provides non-bank financial services based on Syariah principles, Papitupi was created with Indonesia’s digital natives in mind – its digital platform specially designed to seamlessly link borrowers and lenders.


"With ADVANCE.AI's OCR KTP product, customers' ID data is automatically filled out during the application process. This has accelerated our onboarding time to less than 5 minutes."

Adam Harefah, Product Manager, Papitupi Syariah


To empower fast-growing businesses in Indonesia, Papitupi was looking for a tech provider that could support e-KYC (Know Your Customer) and onboarding regulations that comply with OJK’s and related fintech regulations in Indonesia – and that’s when Papitupi started the partnership with ADVANCE.AI.


Catering to the needs to Papitupi's and its customers


"We needed a verification partner that could ensure we comply with the strict requirements of syariah lending – our main offering that matches borrowers and lenders on our mobile app platform. We’ve made the entire onboarding journey easier and more secure with ADVANCE.AI," Adam shared on the selection criteria leading to ADVANCE.AI's appointment.


ADVANCE.AI's comprehensive solution for Papitupi includes e-KYC to AML (anti-money laundering) verification, including OCR and Face Comparison, which ensures simpler and more accurate verification processes for new and existing users. Papitupi not only expedited the application process but also effectively reduced error, thus enhancing the overall customer experience.


To empower the fast-growing businesses in Indonesia, Papitupi was looking for a tech provider that could support e-KYC and onboarding that comply with OJK's regulations.


He added, "ADVANCE.AI's team gave us the confidence that they could fulfill Papitupi's vision to become a trusted fintech P2P lending syariah company and a true business enabler in Indonesia. Especially as we increase our disbursement target and explore advance product developments in consumer and productive financing programmes this year."


"Now, our customers only need to simply take a photo of their ID card, and ADVANCE.AI's OCR KTP product will extract and automatically fill in all the card information details during the application process. This has accelerated our onboarding time to less than 5 minutes. ADVANCE's Face Comparison is highly accurate and has helped us in terms of financing analysis – we are delighted with the result," said Adam.


We are pleased with the positive business impact ADVANCE's solution has brought to Papitupi and look forward to future milestones in our partnership to empower businesses and individuals for better financial inclusion in Indonesia.

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